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60. The $100 Startup - Chris Guillebeau (๐Ÿ“–)

The $100 Startup - Chris Guillebeau

Reading Notes:

Freedom is what weโ€™re all looking for, and value is the way to achieve it.

Value means helping people.

โ€œIf you make your business about helping others, youโ€™ll always have plenty of work.โ€

You usually donโ€™t get paid for your hobby itself; you get paid for helping other people pursue the hobby or something indirectly related to it.

(Passion + skill) + (problem+ marketplaec) = opportunity

Good businesses provide solutions to problems.

โ€œA desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.โ€ - John Le Carre

Find a topic that people will pay to learn about. It helps if you are an expert in the topic, but if not, that's what research is for.

Combine your materials into product.

Create an offer.

โ€œIโ€™m not a businessman; Iโ€™m a business, man.โ€ - JAY .Z

A business that is scalable is both teachable and valuable. If you ever want to sell your business, youโ€™ll need to build teams and reduce owner dependency.

The quest for personal freedom lies in the pursuit of value for others. Always ask, โ€œHow can I help people more?โ€

Focus relentlessly on the point of convergence between what you love to do and what other people are willing to pay for. Remember the most core needs are emotional; We want to be loved and affirmed.